Rates of compensability and valuation evidence for highway land acquisition.

My creed

Roots of Rythmn

Compliance Review Committee for a Management and Performance Review of the South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority

Water levels in continuously monitored wells in the Yucca Mountain area, Nevada, 1985-88

NASAs progress in nuclear electric propulsion technology

Library and information services for the people of a diverse state

Committee meeting before Senate Judiciary Committee

The promise of hope

The Nystrom world atlas.

Dune Messiah

Sweet love, survive

COBOL programmers notebook

Strahans digest of equity.

18 and life on Skid Row

Less Competitive College Grants & Loans

Orbiter rarefied-flow reentry measurements from the OARE on STS-62

Romanesque Europe.

Hampstead health.

Home mortgage disclosure amendments of 1980

Condominium development.



effectiveness of general deterrents against crime

Mineral Industries of the United States

Iron & steel in Wheeling.

Computer aided manipulation of symbols.

Semilinear hyperbolic equations

Long/lone Deliverance

Language/European studies

Effects of controlled storage atmospheres on the quality, processing, and germination of peanuts

Age distributions of sea otters found dead in Prince William Sound, Alaska, following the Exxon Valdez oil spill

Statistical thermodynamics.

European banking and capital markets

The postulate of accounting

Voyages to the South Seas, Indian and Pacific Oceans, China Sea, North-West Coast, Feejee Islands, South Shetlands, &c. ...

Winelovers handbook

The future of (almost) everything

Henry de Osso, priest and teacher

Loran-C table

Kâtyâyana and Patanjali, their relation to each other and to Pânini

dark trade

South Dakota Health Care Perspective 1995

Language testing matters

Medical record; a journal of medicine and surgery

A probabilistic tabu search algorithm for the generalized minimum spanning tree problem

Office of the Governor, Division of Governmental Coordination administration of the Alaska Coastal Management Program.

Social Change and Status Protest

Place names of Monroe County, Pennsylvania

The 2000-2005 Outlook for Industrial Plant Bakery Bread in Africa

Looking at Bear Creek

Cambodia inter-censal population survey 2004

Little Bear

How the princess pride was broken



Doctor Coxs couch

U.S. Geological Survey Gulf of Mexico GLORIA program

Geology of Renville and Ward counties, North Dakota

360/370 programing in assembly language.

Labour relations in the Caribbean region

Ethics of the legal profession

Making care orders work

world with a human face

Musical Massage

Public hearing before Assembly Task Force on Courtesy Busing

Contaminants and remedial options at solvent-contaminated sites

What Americans really want . . . really

philosophy of Thomas Hill Green.

History of the Church 1887-1987.


Benthams handbook of political fallacies

The Silent Killer

Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch

Eleanor of Aquitaine and the four kings

The complete works.

A guide to Georg Brandess Main currents in 19th century literature

The untold story of the Tooth Fairy

Buildings And Regional Planning Annual 1998

gospel witch

Search for the summit

Illustrated certificate guide

Deadly Deviates


Rebel wind


Variety; a comedy, in five acts

official history of the Football Association

Michelin main cities Europe, 1995.

Fine feathers

Ode to an onion

Audrey Flack on Painting

Liberal arts chemistry

Lines composed on the death of Samuel Dreten

Original Disfarmer photographs

Linguistic survey of India.

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge